31 juillet 2016 / 23 h 58 / Startup, Oz et Trudeau

“Having searched the premises from top to bottom, the police finally discovered two very unusual suspects. A pair of hedgehogs had been mating in the cosy little spot for about 20 minutes. But, had they not been caught, the irate man would have been disturbed for a good while longer. An expert from the veterinary department of Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich explained that the act normally “lasts several hours”.”

Photographie. — [NSFW] Jean M. Montréal, Canada.

Congress is blamed for preventing the President from fulfilling his pledge. But that’s not the whole story.

“Le premier qui me parle de sa start’up, je le fous à l’eau. Je déteste ce à quoi renvoie ce mot. On ne crée plus une société aujourd’hui, mais une start’up. Parce qu’on est cool, qu’on est dans un monde hyper speed et que le web c’est génial, parce que ça va forcément décoller à toute berzingue, parce qu’on va payer ses employés au lance-pierres en les faisant bosser 15 heures par jour (avec quand même des pauses baby-foot, faut pas déconner) et surtout parce qu’on va faire des levées de fond de malade, assister à des conférences qui coûtent une blinde, et dépenser l’argent des autres en essayant de le faire le plus longtemps possible.”

“This past year has been very rough for me. I lost my Mtv show, struggled with the relationship with my mother, dealing with racism and homophobia in the industry and self image was such a struggle. I put my all into auditioning for NBC’s The Wiz and got so close to landing the role of the Scarecrow, but didn’t get it. I want to thank my family, friends and fans for helping me out of this dark place and encouraging me to turn my struggle into art.”

Straight Outta Oz by Todrick Hall.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marches with his family in Vancouver pride parade.

Kickstarter. — Ticwatch 2, interactive smartwatch.

Tweet, Otir. — This is not satire: “Wayne Grudem - Why voting for Donald Trump is a morally good choice.”

A new way to knit.

Y a un moment, faut arrêter de vieillir, tsé…

“Carriers refuse to see themselves as merely providing network infrastructure. They want to “add value” — meaning charge more — by using their pipes to sell us media and services…but that content has to come from somewhere. Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo is the but the most recent marriage of incompatible cultures.”

J’ai retrouvé mon mojo. Enfin, je crois.

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  • 1. Le 1 août 2016,
    Karl, La Grange

    J’ai retrouvé mon mojo. Enfin, je crois.

    Faut que je rattrape le mien.

  • 2. Le 3 août 2016,

    Faut que je rattrape le mien.

    Le mien est parti dormir.