22 septembre 2015 / 02 h 22 / Erik the Red gets retirement

Sunday marked the official retirement of an esteemed ship’s officer in Halifax, RCO Erik the Red, and a large group gathered to help him celebrate.

The Canadian Press: “Erik the cat gets retirement party after 15 years as ‘rodent control officer’ aboard CSS Acadia.”

YouTube, CTV News: “Erik the Red: Ship's first-mate cat gets retirement party.”

Erik the Red, Halifax

His tag says “I live at 1675 Lower Water. I know my way home. Please put me down.” Photography Glenn Euloth, 2013.

  • 1. Le 22 septembre 2015,
    Daniel Glazman

    Donc il y a des chats dans les CSS. Voilà c’est dit.

  • 2. Le 22 septembre 2015,
    Laurent Gloaguen

    CSS = Canadian Scientific Ship. :-)

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