26 avril 2018 / 21 h 59 / Two Visions of The Internet

The young progressives grew up in a time when platform monopolies like Facebook were so dominant that they seemed inextricably intertwined into the fabric of the internet. To criticize social media, therefore, was to criticize the internet’s general ability to do useful things like connect people, spread information, and support activism and expression.

The older progressives, however, remember the internet before the platform monopolies. They were concerned to observe a small number of companies attempt to consolidate much of the internet into their for-profit, walled gardens.

Cal Newport: “On Social Media and Its Discontents.”

  • 1. Le 27 avril 2018,
    Karl, La Grange

    hear hear the gospel. Peut-être que l’erreur des vieux cons… comme nous est de critiquer le danger à la place de promouvoir des alternatives alléchantes. Mais avons nous quelque chose à proposer ?

  • 2. Le 1 juillet 2018,
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    Non Karl, avec vous c’est toujours la même rengaine. C’est éculé.