15 août 2016 / 19 h 03 / Ours fortuit, sauveur de chatons et Mr P. Ness

Boutique de l’ours fortuit.

De bien jolis t-shirts.


David Lisnard, le maire de Cannes, interdit l’accès de la plage aux bonnes sœurs. Ces Français deviennent complètement fous. La cerise sur le gâteau de la bêtise hexagonale, c’est cet autre maire qui interdit les Pokémon sur sa commune pour protéger les “jeunes populations” d’une “addiction dangereuse”.

Trolling Art.

Hello, Mister P. Ness, welcome back.

Mon héros du jour.

Pompier secourant un chaton. Pompier secourant un chaton.

[Photos Angela Bayer.].

No life too small to save”: Firefighters pull out all the stops to save baby kittens from B.C. house fire.

Islam for Dummies.

Patrick Skinner, a former CIA case officer with extensive experience with Mideast extremist organizations, said some people claim allegiance to IS out of religious belief, but that most who join, including those from the West, are people “reaching for a sense of belonging, a sense of notoriety, a sense of excitement.” “Religion is an afterthought,” said Skinner, who is also director of special projects at security consultancy the Soufan Group.

Sexual Maturity.

“In addition to determining longevity, the scientists wanted to determine the age at which Greenland sharks begin to reproduce. Through analysis of sharks that did not exhibit the “bomb pulse” radiocarbon indicator, the team determined that the reproductive age of the sharks was at least 156 ± 22 years, based on other results that indicated females only start reproducing once they reach four meters in length.”


L’art du cadrage.